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Hay Hotline

Hay Hotline

Welcome to Montana Department of Agriculture Hay Hotline. The Hay Hotline is an online portal where producers can Donate, Buy or Sell hay, pasture available or Pasture wanted. Producers needing donated hay or producers wanting to donate hay can go to the site and create a listing by selecting ''Donation'' from the ''Forage Type'' dropdown menu. Users can also search existing listings to see what is available.

For more information about the Hay Hotline program click here:
Montana Department of Agriculture Hay Hotline program

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For inquiries about the Hay Hotline, contact: Montana Department of Agriculture
Fax: (406)444-9442


The Montana Department of Agriculture maintains this list as a service to the Agricultural Industry and particularly to those in need of hay and those who have hay to supply. The department maintains this list and makes it available with the expectation that all buyers and sellers will treat each other in an equitable and lawful manner. However, the department makes no representations, express or implied, as to the amount, kind or quality of hay listed or as to the character of the participants.